Fundació Tom Sharpe
March, 2nd 2020

The School Contest is already established in the city. This edition was presented by 40 students and is organized by the Education Department of the City Council of Palafrugell and the Tom Sharpe Foundation.

February, 2nd 2019
Fundació Tom Sharpe

2nd edition of the Tom Sharpe awards

Tom Sharpe’s novel ‘Wilt’ begins when Wilt goes out for a walk with his dog, or rather takes his dog for a walk, so that his wife Eve can do the daily yoga exercises. With this starting point, all students of 4th year of ESO and 1st of high school of Palafrugell were invited to participate in the 2nd Writing Contest in English language Tom Sharpe.

April 5th, 2018
Tom Sharpe Foundation

1st edition of the Tom Sharpe awards

More than a hundred students from the Baix Empordà Institute, the Frederic Martí Carreras Institute, the San Jorge School and the Prats de la Carrera Center have participated.