Abril, 29th 2022

Once more year has been awarded the Tom Sharpe School of Writing Awards. This edition has presented 40 essays.

The starting point was “A peculiar customer” and the redaction had to have a humorous and sarcastic tone.

Here you can read and download the rewarded redactions:

✎ AM I A GANGSTER NOW?, d’Irene Margherita Campolo
(4t ESO, INS Baix Empordà)
✎ CAR WINDOW, de Duna Lledó García
(4t ESO, INS Frederic Martí Carreras)
✎ A REAL JOURNEY, de Pau Marimont Pellicer
(4t ESO, Escola Sant Jordi)
✎IMMORTAL GRANNY, de Iris Casas Barrera
(4t ESO, Centre Prats de la Carrera)
✎ JUST A REGULAR GUY (AND A REGULAR DAY), d’Isaac Peña i Estapina
(1r BAT, INS Baix Empordà)
✎ FINDING A SPARK OF LUCK, de Mireia Costas Trulla
(1r BAT, INS Frederic Martí Carreras)